The beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka has a number of delightful appeals for sure. It is known to be one of the best travel destinations in the world too! Your tour in the country will rarely be dull as there is so much to do and see here.

Endemic Birds in Sri Lanka

The country is certainly blessed with a flourishing biodiversity. The bird life in the country is incredible for sure. Sri Lanka has 26 endemic species of birds as well as 7 proposed endemic species. Sri Lankan spurfowl, Sri Lankan junglefowl, Sri Lankan woodpigeon, Sri Lankan green pigeon, Sri Lankan hanging parrot, Layard’s parakeet, red-faced malkoha, green-billed coucal, Sri Lankan Serendib scops-owl, Sri Lankan chestnut-backed owlet, Sri Lankan grey hornbill, crimson-fronted barbet, Sri Lankan magpie, black-capped bulbul, Sri Lankan yellow-eared bulbul, Sri Lankan bush-warbler, Sri Lankan brown –capped babbler, Sri Lankan scimitar-babbler, Sri Lankan orange-billed babbler, Sri Lankan ashy-headed laughingthrush, Sri Lankan white-eye, Sri Lankan myna, Sri Lankan white-faced starling, Sri Lankan whistling thrush, Sri Lankan scaly thrush, Sri Lankan dull-blue flycatcher and Sri Lankan white-throated flowerpecker are the endemic species of birds in Sri Lanka.

There lush green forests of the county shelter multitudes of birds, creating havens of bliss for bird watching enthusiasts. Places like Sinharaja Rainforest should not be missed when traveling in the country if you desire to witness the winged beings of Sri Lanka in action. 20 of the endemic species of birds that are listed above occur in the forest reserve. You should also consider visiting the beautiful Kumana Bird Sanctuary. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to have delightful bird watching tours arranged in the island.

Endemic Birds in Sri Lanka


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