The Colombo National Museum- An Italian Building Designed for the British Empire

colombo museum

The beautiful Colombo National Museum is a sight to behold indeed! Adorning the cityscape with enthralling colonial grandeur, this regal building stands tall, welcoming all who desire to know more about the splendid culture and history of the paradise island of Sri Lanka.
The Colombo National Museum was established back in the year 1877. It was founded by Sir William Henry Gregory, who served as the British Governor of Ceylon back then. The need for a public museum was quite pressing back then and The Royal Asiatic Society continuously brought the matter to the attention of the Governor. After years of waiting, the approval of the legislative council was granted. The majestic building was designed by J. G. Smither, who was the Architect of the Public Works Department. The stunning building was designed to reflect Italian architectural style.

colombo museum
Throughout the years, the majestic museum has flourished, garnering the attention of the world. The museum was developed to international standards by the visionary Dr. P.E.P. Deraniyagala. Today, there are nine branches of the museum located all over the country. The Department of National Museums was established to further improve the work of the museum. A school science programme and a mobile museum service are also in operation today.

colombo museum
The Colombo National Museum has the four divisions of Cultural, Science, General Services and National Museum Library. Within its expansive territories you will find remarkable exhibits and artefacts that portray the grandeur of this country’s beautiful past. One of the most remarkable exhibits of the museum is the majestic throne which was used by the last Sri Lankan king.

colombo museum
When you are travelling in the island with Green Holiday Centre, be sure to have a guided tour in the Colombo National Museum arranged. It is a place that delights visitors of all ages for sure!


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