Nuwara Eliya


Beautiful Nuwara Eliya, which is often called ‘Little England’, resembles a paradise destination of a sweet fairytale! Gently sloping mountains covered in the luminous glory of tea plantations, misty winding roads flanked by lush vegetation and little cottages with rose laden picket fences greet you the moment you enter this enchanting city.

One of the most popular tourist attractions that the city possesses is Horton Plains. This is a paradise for nature lovers as many species of flora and fauna that are endemic to the island can be found here. The steep precipice of the ‘World’s End’ which attracts large crowds is indeed well worthy of being seen and admired. One should also take time to witness the breathtaking beauty of Baker’s Falls during a visit to Horton Plains.

Ambwela Farm, which is located in close proximity to Horton Plains is yet another place that is blessed with astounding natural beauty. The sloping green hills of the farm are dotted with herds of grazing cows. And as the cold, refreshing winds sweep across the lush territories you will begin to wonder if you have somehow discovered a little New Zealand!

There are many waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya that are quite popular among travellers. Among these St. Clair’s Falls is indeed prominent. This cascading rush of white water is beautiful beyond words! You can treat yourself to a steaming cup of Ceylon tea and watch this majestic descent at the stylish St. Clair’s Tea Centre which offers a remarkable view. Dazzling Devon Falls is also located in very close proximity to St. Clair’s Falls.

At the heart of the city, Gregory Lake glistens like liquid silver, attracting large numbers of travellers to its delightful banks. Little children will be enthralled by the many entertainment facilities available here. There are winding pathways lined with flowering bushes in the banks that are perfect for casual strolls. You can even take a fascinating swan boat ride across the shimmering lake.

The beautiful tea estates of Nuwara Eliya are captivating indeed. You can easily have a tea factory tour arranged if you are interested in learning more about tea culture in Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is a celebrated beverage across the world. Unique flavours and gift packs can be bought at the stylish boutique shops that many tea factories have.

Those who are interested in the history of the island should visit the famous Shri Bhakta Hanuman Temple as well as the Seetha Amman Temple which are important sites of worship among the Hindus.

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club is also a place that is immensely popular among the lovers of this gentle game. The refreshing beauty that envelops the golf course can take your very breath away!


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