With glistening skyscrapers adorning the glorious skyline and iconic shopping and dining venues interspersed within famed colonial buildings, the stunning city of Colombo is truly ready to delight visitors! This remarkable commercial capital of the island is rich with many tourist attractions as well as stylish hotels.

Treat yourself to sensational shopping thrills at the Colombo City Centre, Odel, Arcade Independence Square and Crescat Boulevard. There is also a myriad of small boutique shops that sell popular international and local brands lining the streets of this glitzy metropolis.

Spend your days relishing the epicurean delights served at the leading restaurants in the region and enjoy a sensational culinary adventure. Relish the refined tastes offered at leading restaurants in the city such as Nuga Gama, The Gallery Cafe and Ministry of Crab. You can also try out the popular local street eats while you are travelling here and fall in love with the flavours of the island. Kottu roti is hands down the most popular street food here in Sri Lanka. It’s a wholesome and an incredibly delicious dish that combines shredded godhamba roti, vegetables, eggs and meat. Prawn wade and hoppers are also quite popular among locals.

When night falls, the city is illuminated by the electric lights of the many famous bars and clubs. Casinos like Bellagio, Bally’s Casino as well as the Casino Marina Colombo ceaselessly attract large crowds too.  There are plenty of appeals here to keep nocturnal travellers entertained for many hours.

Those who like to experience the charm of Sri Lanka’s culture and heritage can visit the famous Asokaramaya Temple in Thimbirgasyaya. This famed place of worship is more than a 100 years old. There are some impressive Buddhist paintings and statues to admire here. The enchanting Gangaramaya Temple, with its unique architecture that combines Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai and Chinese styles is yet another fascinating site that richly deserves a place in your travel itinerary.

For those who wish to enjoy the quiet enchantment of a good game of golf, Colombo offers supreme satisfaction in the Royal Colombo Golf Club. The lush landscape welcomes many beautiful birds too, making the experience of golfing here, truly quite delightful.

Witness the grandeur of the Independence Memorial Hall, the Old Parliament Building, the Red Mosque as well as many other famed buildings while taking an exciting tuk tuk ride! It certainly will be an experience to remember. Tuk tuks are popular modes of travel among locals. These noisy little vehicles can easily get you across the city, beating the heavy traffic.


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