Horton Plains National Park is one of the most beautiful attractions in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Located between Nuwara Eliya and Haputale, this enchanting destination truly deserves a visit when traveling in the central highlands of the country.
Many say that Horton Plains is the coldest and windiest place in Sri Lanka. There is some truth to this statement as Horton Plains has an attitude of 2100-2300 metres. Montane forests, marshy lands, grasslands as well as cloud forests can be seen in this astounding destination.

UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as an Important Bird Area. 87 species of birds, out of which 21 species are endemic, have been recorded in the park. Sri Lankan blue magpie, Sri Lanka white-eye, dull-blue flycatcher and Sri Lanka wood pigeon are species of birds that can only be seen within the territories of the national park. Horton Plains is also home to 24 species of mammals, nine species of reptiles and eight species of amphibians. As you trek along its mesmerizing territories, you will come across a few of these majestic beings too. The Sri Lankan sambar deer is the easiest to spot in Horton Plains.

You can easily visit this site when travelling with Green Holiday Centre. You are best advised to explore the terrains of Horton Plains with an expert guide.
Baker’s Falls is yet another fascinating appeal in Horton Plains. With a height of 20 meters, this magnificent cascade is truly quite breathtaking as it shimmers and crashes ceaselessly, glistening in the golden sun.

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