La Trattoria Restaurant in Park Street

La Trattoria Restaurant

The Italian food scene in Sri Lanka has been flourishing for quite some time. There are several prominent restaurants in the country which serve delicious Italian cuisines. For those who favour the remarkable flavours of Italian dishes, they have chance to visit them.

La Trattoria Restaurant

The Park Street Trattoria is one such legendary establishment which serve an array of delightful dishes for quite some time. The restaurant is quite popular among the hip and trendy folk of the city. A number of tourists can also be seen here throughout the day.

La Trattoria Restaurant

Park Street Trattoria has been keeping up its incredible reputation with impeccable service and high quality food. There is a wide variety of top class dishes that you can try out here. The standard risottos and pastas are quite popular at the restaurant for sure. The creamy and flavoursome dishes look as great as they taste!

La Trattoria Restaurant

About La Trattoria

The extensive beverage and dessert menu fails not to impress discerning guests too. The zesty cocktails of Park Street Trattoria pack quite a punch. You will be able to relish a chilled cocktail and watch the bustling world go by in style as the night light lights start appearing one by one in the inky black skies.

La Trattoria Restaurant

The service offered at Park Street Trattoria is also quite exceptional as mentioned earlier. The waiters are very professional and quick to offer you any assistance you need. The gorgeous interior décor of Park Street Trattoria makes it a popular place among romantic couples looking for an intimate dining experience as well.

If you need to obtain more information about the restaurants in the city, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. There are lots of great places that you can visit with your loved ones if you desire to enjoy a remarkable wining and dining experience in this glitzy city.


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