Yoda Wewa is one of the largest tanks you will find in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Yoda in Sinhala means gigantic so the name itself gives a hint of the size of the tank!

During the reign of ancient kings, a number of tanks and reservoirs were built to support the farmers of island. Sri Lanka’s golden era of irrigation was thus created. The majestic Yoda Wewa was built by the great King Datusena who ruled in the island between 459 and 477.

Yoda Wewa

Facts about Yoda Wewa

Yoda Wewa was created by diverting water from the Malwatu Oya. The embankment of the Yoda Wewa has a height of 14 feet. It is over 7 kilometers in length too. The tank was known as Manawatu Wewa back in the day. It is located 25 kilometers southeast of Mannar. The water from the Yoda Wewa irrigates close to 11,000 hectares of land in the area. The works of the ancient kings still benefit the people who call this golden land home!

Yoda Wewa

During the civil war, the tank was under the control of the Tamil Tigers and so the maintenance work was sadly neglected. In the year 2008 when the area was freed from the terrorists, restoration work was rapidly carried out.

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