Wilpattu National Park

Yala National Park Sri Lanka

Wilpattu National Park is the largest national park in the island of Sri Lanka. It is an attraction that should not be missed when traveling in this enchanting country. You will be able to see and admire the spectacular beauty of nature as you explore the rugged terrains of this park.

Yala National Park Sri Lanka

A safari tour in this National Park will truly be unforgotten! You will be able to spot majestic Sri Lankan leopards, stealthily hiding behind burning rocks of the wilderness, seemingly undaunted by the fascinated stares of the exhilarated tourists. Regal elephants also roam in large herds within the territories of Wilpattu, enthralling all who visit it. Water buffaloes, spotted deer and sambhur are also included in the list of 31 mammals that call this place home.

Yala National Park

A unique feature of this Park is its natural sand rimmed ‘basins’ that collect water. These ‘willu’s sustain the wildlife of the park in a remarkable manner.

History of the Wilpattu National Park

According to the Mahavamsa, Prince Vijaya arrived in the island of Sri Lanka in 543 BC. He landed at a place called Thambapanni, which is believed to be the Kudiramalai Point which is also known as the Horse Point in Wilpattu National Park. The site was designated as a sanctuary in the year 1905. In 1938 it was upgraded to National Park status.

Wilpattu National Park is located in the North Western and North Central Provinces of Sri Lanka. Currently only 25% of the park is open to visitors.

If you want to visit Wilpattu National Park during your tour in Sri Lanka, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. The park is best visited between the months of February and October. This is the dry season in the region. So, many animals venture out of their hiding places looking for water, enhancing your chances of spotting them.

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