Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

The beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka is surrounded by the magnificent azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Beneath the rippling waves of the sea, regal creatures abound. Those who yearn to witness the grand splendor of the marine life of Sri Lanka can embark on bold expeditions to the heart of the seas. The adventurers who thus voyage will be rewarded with breathtaking sightings of whales as well as dolphins.

Whale and dolphin watching tours are rapidly gaining popularity in Sri Lanka. Large numbers of tourists as well as locals embark on these exhilarating tours to discover most precious treasures of ocean. Whale and dolphin sightings are not rare here too. So those who embark on the tours seldom return disappointed!

The Blue Whale

You can see Sperm whales and Blue whales in the Sri Lankan sea territory.

The Sperm Whale

The town of Mirissa which is located in the southern coast of Sri Lanka is now synonymous with whale and dolphin watching tours. The whale and dolphin watching season in Mirissa starts in the month of November and lasts until the end of April.

The Blue Whale

Even the charming city of Trincomalee in the northeast coast of Sri Lanka is famous for whale watching expeditions. The season here starts in May and ends in October.

There are plenty of great tour operators in these regions that you can get in touch with if you need to have a tour arranged. You will be able to find all the information that you need as you browse through the internet. You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre, if you need help with booking a tour.


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