Train Ride


The mystic beauty of Sri Lanka is truly captivating! The island is very small in size so you will be able to easily travel between two destinations within a few hours. While looking forward to the remarkable appeals that await your arrival in your chosen destination, don’t forget to enjoy the ride too! Especially if you opt to travel by train, you will be enthralled by spectacular sights that will take your very breath away.

Many locals prefer to travel by train in Sri Lanka. It’s fast, cost effective and is mostly quite reliable. Many would say that this is the best and the cheapest way to travel long distances in the country.

Trains that run alongside the coastal strip of Sri Lanka are favoured by large numbers of tourists. The glorious ocean vistas will ceaselessly enchant you while the refreshing, salty breeze frolics in the quaint compartment. Little village children will wave at you with big, sincere smiles spread across their innocent faces. They sure love to see you loving their precious coastal views!

One of the most scenic train routes in the island runs between the idyllic town of Ella and the magnificent city of Kandy. Some even call it the most beautiful train route in the world! Glorious views of lush green tea estates spread far and wide while dazzling blue skies spread above the scene like a canopy of ethereal light. This mesmerizing journey offers spectacular photo opportunities too. The train station in Ella is also a charming little spot that has retained its enchanting old world charm. You will surely enjoy every minute of this delightful journey!

You can buy tickets for your train rides at the train stations. There are different classes that you can choose. Do choose a 1st class or a 2nd class ticket if you want to enjoy the journey in comfort. You can even travel in the observation car and enjoy captivating views to your heart’s content. 3rd class tickets are the cheapest but the compartments have only very basic facilities and they also get rather crowded.


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