The food scene in Colombo is incredibly vibrant one for sure! You will find an array of restaurants, eateries and bakeries in the city, providing divine refreshment to all. There are a few great traditional bakeries in the city of Colombo that you should definitely visit to relish the rich tastes of the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

Traditional Bakeries in Colombo

Sumanadisi Bakers is one of the most popular bakeries in the country! This remarkable establishment is truly legendary! The iconic apple cake is a must try here. Royal Bakery is yet another popular eatery that effortlessly draws crowds. The bakery has also been in existence for many long years hence it boasts of a very loyal customer base. Here you will be able to buy traditional local sweets like gnanakatha, which is a sugary delicacy that has quite a remarkable flavor.

The Chariot also deserves a special mention in this article. As it has also generously served rich flavors to the locals for many wonderful years. The short eats that are served in the outlets of The Chariot are quite tasty. Perera and Sons is probably the most popular chain of bakeries in the country. In many parts of the country you will find outlets of Perera and Sons. The quality of the food served at these outlets is very good and the prices are quite reasonable too.

Traditional Bakeries in Colombo

As you travel in the city of Colombo with Green Holiday Centre you will be able to visit some of these famous traditional bakeries and enjoy a few local treats with ease!


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