The gloriously golden city of Negombo which is blessed with an eternal summer is one that richly deserves a visit when traveling in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Packing the essentials when exploring this sunny region will help you to enjoy your holiday experience well. The article below will provide some tour tips that will be useful to you in this regard.

Comfortable clothes

Negombo’s average annual temperature is about 27 degrees of Celsius. The city is not too hot (in comparison to the rest of Sri Lanka) and neither is it too cold. You will have to bring along a lot of comfortable clothes that are made from breathable fabric like cotton and linen in order to enjoy your holiday well. Shorts and t-shirts will be ideal for exploring the region.

Tour Tips

Comfortable footwear

Be sure to bring along a comfortable pair (or two) of flip-flops when you come to Negombo as you will be spending a lot of your time at the beach. You can dine at the many restaurants in the region clad in comfortable clothes and footwear too.

A few decent clothes

There are lots of beautiful sites of worship in and around Negombo. Colonial churches and colorful temples of the city are well worth visiting. You will have to be clad in decent clothing in order to enter these sacred sites of worships so do bring along a few long skirts/ pants and shirts as well. You can find out more details about the famous places of worship in the city by getting in touch with Green Holiday Centre.

Tour Tips

Swimsuits and beach cover-ups

Sri Lanka is a conservative country. So do try to wear a decent bathing suit when swimming in the sea or lounging in the beach. But of course the locals living in this area are quite used to tourists. You should not forget to pack a beach cover-up or a shawl that you will be able to wrap around your body when entering your hotel or a beach restaurant in the area.

Comfortable clothes

Sun protection

Another tour tips is, make sure you bring along sunscreen! Have it in your bag all the time and lather it on lavishly throughout the day to keep your skin well protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Bring a sunhat with a wide brim as well as a pair of high quality sunglasses.

What to Pack for a Trip in Negombo


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