Galle is an enchanting destination in the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. This paradise city is indeed a tourist magnet. There is a myriad of things to see in do in Galle so you really must take time to plan the tour well.

Galle Fort

Be sure to visit the city during the dry season as there are lots of outdoor activities that you can do here. If you visit Galle during the rainy season it will be quite hard for you to enjoy the charms of the city to your heart’s content. The period between February and April is considered to be the best time to visit the golden southwest coast of Sri Lanka. The weather is gloriously sunny during this period and rains seldom fall too.

Galle Fort

You will have to create a great travel itinerary to explore the marvels of the city. Speak to a reputed tour operator in the country like Green Holiday Centre and create a comprehensive travel plan. Places like Galle Fort, Galle Lighthouse, Dutch Reformed Church, National Museum of Galle, Japanese Peace Pagoda and Jungle Beach should not be missed when traveling here.

Galle Fort

National Maritime Museum - Galle

Things to do

You should stay at a centrally located hotel in Galle in order to access the stunning attractions in the city. In Galle, there are luxurious hotels catering to the discerning travelers as well as simple apartments that are best suited for backpackers. You can get all the information that you want about the accommodation options in the city online.

The Galle Clock Tower Groote Kerk, Galle

The tantalizing tastes of the fiery local delicacies should not be missed when travelling in Galle! A Minute by Tuk Tuk Restaurant, Elita Restaurant, Crepe-ology Restaurant and The Stairway are great dining spots to visit in the city. Step out of your comfort zone and order delicacies that you haven’t tried out before so that you will be able to relish the exquisite flavours of the land!

Top Travel Tips to Galle


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