Colombo, the dazzling commercial capital of Sri Lanka is a destination that is truly worth exploring. There is a myriad of delightful things to do and places to see here so you will have to plan a great itinerary. The article below provides some tips that will help you to enjoy your travel in the city to the fullest.

How to Travel Around Colombo in a Day

Beat the traffic

The traffic situation in Colombo can be quite tough to handle! A large number of vehicles clamour for space in the narrow roads of the city so there is always congestion. If you want to avoid the traffic here, try as much as you can to stay out of the roads during the rush hour. You will be able to travel without hassle when the morning and evening commuters have reached their destinations.

Red mosque Colombo

Plan the day well

Be sure to travel in the city with a great plan. You should aim to spend a significant portion of the day time hours inside buildings as the heat here can really wear you out! There are plenty of shopping malls that you can visit in the city during day time. You can opt to walk around the city, discovering its marvelous attractions in the morning hours and evening hours.

Top Tips for Traveling in Colombo

Travel in the city

There are many ways to travel in the city so you will be able to enjoy a hassle free experience. You can always hail a tuk tuk from the streets. Be sure to check if the meter is working before you get in. You can opt to download the Uber of PickMe apps to your phone and enjoy traveling in the city without a problem. Public modes of transport can also be used if you like. Keep in mind that the buses and trains in Sri Lanka are not very comfortable.

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Dress code

If you intend to visit sites of worship you will have to be clothed in decent attire. Colombo is a city that is used to tourists so you will be able to wear shorts and sleeveless tops without a problem.

travel in the city


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