Top Things to do in Negombo

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Beautiful Negombo is a place that richly deserves a visit when traveling in Sri Lanka! Nestled upon the golden stretch of beach that borders the western border of the island, are many stunning attractions and appeals. Read the article below and find out about the top things to do and see in the glorious city of Negombo.

Top Things to do in Negombo

Visit Lellama

Lellama is the iconic fish market in Negombo that you must not fail to visit when traveling in the region! It comes alive long before day break, so if you are yearning to catch all the action, you will have to wake up around 3:00 a.m. to go there! But you will never regret the visit as the sheer size of the catches on display will overwhelm you!

Top Things to do in Negombo

Enjoy Kite Surfing

Negombo’s gorgeous beach is perfect for those who like to enjoy the exhilarating thrills of kite surfing. There are plenty of water sport centers and hotels in the city that offer facilities and equipment to enjoy this sport in safety. The best time to enjoy kite surfing in Negombo is between the months of May and August.

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Explore the colonial architecture

Negombo was a prominent city during the colonial times. You will get the chance to admire several impressive colonial monuments during your visit. St. Mary’s Church and the Dutch Canal are two famous attractions that you shouldn’t miss when traveling in the region.

Top Things to do in Negombo

Visit Muthurajawela marsh

Muthurajawela marsh is one of the prime attractions in Negombo. The destination nurtures 192 species of flora and 209 species of fauna. 102 species of birds have also been recorded in the area. It can be quite easily accessed from many leading hotels in Negombo. If you need more information about this world class attraction, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre.

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Enjoy the seafood

Do yourself a favor and sample the exquisite tastes of the local seafood dishes when you are traveling in Negombo! Prawn curries and crab curries of Negombo are packed with exotic flavor and your taste buds will surely enjoy a heavenly treat with each bite!

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These are the top things you can do while you are in Negombo area. According to your preference, there are many other activities for you to enjoy.

Top Things to do in Negombo


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