Thuparamaya- The Very First Dagoba in Sri Lanka


Beautiful Thuparamaya effortlessly mesmerizes all those who visit its sacred sanctuaries. Buddhists in the island revere this holy site with whole hearted devotion. Located in the Mahamewna Park in Anuradhapura, this majestic dageba boasts of a rich history.

History of Thuparamaya

Thuparamaya is believed to be the very first dageba that was built in Sri Lanka. It dates back to the time of Great King Devanampiyatissa, who ruled in the island between 247 and 207 BC. It is a site of great religious and cultural significance. The government of Sri Lanka has recognized the temple as an archeological site in the island.

Thuparamaya- The Very First Dagoba in Sri Lanka

King Devanampiyatissa embraced the peaceful teachings of Lord Buddha after he encountered Mahinda Thera upon the famous Mihintale Mountain. Mahinda Thera, who was the son of the great Emperor Asoka of India, introduced chaitya worship to Sri Lanka too. It is believed that King Devanampiyatissa built Thuparamaya under the guidance of Mahinda Thera. The right collar-bone of Buddha is enshrined in Thuparamaya and so, to this day, countless Buddhists all across the world visit this sacred dageba all throughout the year. It is a part of the Atamasthana and Solosmasthana, which are prominent Buddhist pilgrimage sites located in Sri Lanka.

The dageba which is built in the shape of a bell was destroyed many times throughout the years. Several rounds of restorative work were carried out in and around the compound. The original site plan’s ‘vatadage’ (a structure that is built to provide shelter and protection to dagobas and other religious monuments), lies in ruins today.

Thuparamaya- The Very First Dagoba in Sri Lanka

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