If you want to try out the exotic tastes of Sri Lankan cuisine, you should definitely give the iconic Thuna Paha Restaurant a try! ‘Thuna Paha’ simply means curry powder in Sinhala. This brilliant restaurant grandly and gloriously celebrates the exotic appeal of Sri Lanka’s heavenly spices. So it sure aptly named. The dishes served here are par excellence and the service is incredible. Needless to say you will have yourself an unforgettable dining experience as you visit this place.

Thuna Paha Restaurant

About Thuna Paha Restaurant

Thuna Paha is a restaurant of the famous Water’s Edge Hotel in Battaramulla. It can be easily reached from the city of Colombo. The restaurant perch in the middle of a glistening lake, enhancing the charm of the dining experience immensely. You will have to cross a bridge to get to the restaurant too.

Thuna Paha Restaurant

The ambience of the restaurant is truly what sets it apart from other Sri Lankan food restaurants in the city. Everything about the place has been designed and planned to perfection to create a uniquely Sri Lankan dining experience. Unlike in almost all the other restaurants which serve buffet, Thuna Paha brings the buffet to you! This is to keep up with the village tradition that the wives of the farmers follow. They take the delicious meals prepared for the husbands on woven baskets. Every time the ladies arrayed in traditional attire bring the food to the table a song which describes the tradition is playing in the background.

Here at Thuna Paha you will find local favourites like tempered chickpeas, Sri Lankan cutlets, ambul thiyal, prawn curries and polos curries. These curries pair exceptionally well with rice so come prepared to feast!

Thuna Paha Restaurant

If you need to obtain more information about this iconic restaurant you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. There are plenty of great Sri Lankan restaurants in the country that you can visit to experiment with the fire and spice of the local cuisine.


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