The Sunethra Bandaranaike House is a stunning masterpiece, created by the legendary Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Beauty lurks in every corner of this regal property, mysteriously and alluringly. You will feel like you have stepped in to a place where time ceases to exist, the moment you enter the territories of this grand house.

The Sunethra Bandaranaike House

Story of The Sunethra Bandaranaike House

The house was once the stables of famous Horagolla Walauwwa. It is fondly called Horagolla Stables to this day. At one point in time, the property was the original walauwwa which was the home of Gate Mudaliyar Don Christoffel Henricus Dias Abeywickrema Jayatilake Seneviratne Bandaranaike. He was the great-grandfather of Sunethra Bandaranaike. Sunethra Bandaranaike’s father, Sir Solomon Dias Bandaranaike converted The house to a stable.

The Sunethra Bandaranaike House

It is said that Geoffrey Bawa initially declined the offer that was made by Sunethra Bandaranaike to renovate and redesign the property. However after much coaxing he had agreed to pay the site a visit. The late architect would have loved the property after seeing the actual potential it possessed to become a true masterpiece. And so he had agreed to renovate it for her immediately!

The Sunethra Bandaranaike House

The beautiful house consists of two sections: the old stables as well as the new wing. However it is quite hard to guess which section is the old one. Because the whole building has been artistically designed. The roof of the stables has two layers while the roof of the new section has three layers.

The house itself blends gorgeously with the green surroundings upon which it nestled. It creates a soothing sight that will enthrall you magically!

You can easily visit this incredible site with ease as you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre. There are remarkable masterpieces of the veteran architect that you can see and admire during your travels in the paradise island of Sri Lanka.


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