The Story of King Ravana


King Ravana is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in Sri Lanka’s history. To this day Indians regard him as a villain, but for many Sri Lankans, he is a legend and a hero. The incredible story of Ravana has been written in the pages of the Hindu epic Ramayanaya. This colourful story of courage, love, war and bravery is indeed one that fascinates all.

King Ravana is depicted as an evil king, who had incredible power and intelligence. Some say he created the Ravanahatha, which is considered to be the oldest violin in the world. He is even believed to have created the Dhadu Monara, a pre-historic aircraft.

The Story

It is told that Rama and Laxmana of India had a feud with Suparnika, Ravana’s sister. As a result of this, her nose was sliced off by Laxmana. The valiant King Ravana immediately sought vengeance and he got his revenge by abducting Sita, the consort of Lord Rama and brought her to the island of Sri Lanka. Here Sita was kept hidden in the Asoka Vatika, which is believed to be the modern Hakgala Gardens. Some say she was kept hidden in Sigiriya and in the caves behind Ravana Ella too.

A war was of course imminent. The armies of Lord Rama were in Sri Lanka, scouring the land, searching for the lost Sita. The armies of Lord Rama were led by the monkey god Hanuman. She was discovered eventually and King Ravana was also killed. But their remarkable stories will be forever remembered.

When you are travelling in Sri Lanka with Green Holiday Centre, you will be able to visit several sites that are connected with the Ramayanaya. Places like Ravana Ella, Ramboda and Rumassala (which is believed to be a piece of the Himalaya Mountains that was dropped in the island by Hanuman), can be visited during these delightful tours.


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