The Station Restaurant

The Station Restaurant

Tantalizing food, exquisite cocktails, a charmingly romantic ambience and the frolicking breeze of the sea are all yours to enjoy as you dine at The Station, a legendary restaurant in Wellawatta. It offers the perfect island vibe for those who are looking for an exotic dining experience.

The Station Restaurant

The Station has enjoyed immense success over the years and it has grown steadily from a small pub to a charming restaurant. This is primarily due to the fact that they really seem to know what they are doing! Understanding the unique needs of all its customers, they have created an establishment that offers an unbeatable experience.

The Station Restaurant

Food Collection in The Station

The food that is served here is remarkable. They offer a wide range of seafood dishes as well as incredible Thai and Chinese options, which go perfectly with the beverages that are offered here, as well as of course, with the salty breeze of the ocean! The dishes are quite spicy and flavorsome. The highlight of the menu here is the Hot Butter Cuttlefish! It will sing in your mouth for sure! The dishes are priced quite reasonably too. The portion sizes are large so you will be able to easily share your meals and make some savings!

The Station Restaurant

The ambience of The Station leaves nothing to be desired. During day time the blinding glory of the ocean will create a dazzling backdrop for your divine dining experience. At night, the dimmed lights of the place add a perfect touch of romance to the scene.

The service that you get here is excellent too! The waiters are quite friendly and efficient. The wait time is a little long but the beautiful views of the sea will keep you good company as you wait!

You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you need to obtain more information about The Station.


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