The Spectacular Mount Lavinia Beach


Those who are living in and around Colombo need not visit an exotic destination in the southern coast of the country when they need some Vitamin Sea! There is a stunning beach located in very close proximity to the capital city. It attracts large numbers of locals and tourists throughout the year. The gorgeous Mount Lavinia Beach is indeed a place that is well worth visiting when you are traveling in the capital city of Colombo Sri Lanka.

Beach tour in sri lanka


Located just 12 kilometers away from Colombo the beautiful beach of Mount Lavinia can be accessed in about half an hour via the Galle Road. There are many enchanting beach restaurants located upon the golden shores of this sunny destination, serving delectable tastes of local and international cuisine. You can relish delicious seafood delicacies at these quaint restaurants too. Places like Loon Tao, Shore by O, Buba Beach Restaurant and Governor’s Restaurant are great places to consider in region. The sharp, salty breeze will keep you good company as you enjoy your delightful little culinary adventure by the sea. You should definitely come here when the sun is setting too! The brilliant pastel hues that splash across the western skies during this bewitching hour can take your very breath away!

Beach tour in sri lanka

Beach tour in sri lanka

You should visit the majestic Mount Lavinia Hotel while you are traveling in the area too. As you travel with Green Holiday Centre, you will be able to visit this iconic hotel with great ease. It is one of the oldest hotels in Sri Lanka, with a history of over 200 years. It was the residence of Sir Thomas Maitland who was the second British Governor of Ceylon during colonial times. The gallant governor fell in love with a beautiful dancer named Lovina Aponsuwa.

Their love story was of course a secret one as beautiful Lovina was from the lowest caste in the island. They kept their love alive by meeting each other through a secret tunnel that connected the regal residence of the governor and the humble dwelling of the graceful dancer. This secret passage is still intact and many even believe that her descendants are living within territories of Mount Lavinia.Beach tour in sri lanka



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