The Simple Roadside Vendors of Nuwara Eliya


As you are traveling in the picturesque Hill Country of Sri Lanka you will be enthralled by the sheer magnificence of the rolling mountains and misty valleys. The winding mountain roads are flanked by lush tea estates, brilliant in their emerald glory. But you will be startled from your enchanting reverie by the little boys and girls of Nuwara Eliya. Who flail their arms at passing vehicles, bidding them to stop and buy something from their simple stalls.

If you stop your vehicle, all the little children within your range of vision will come rushing at you. With innocence sparkling in their eyes and a warm smile on their lips, they will come to you. And yes, even pester you, until you agree to buy something from them!

This is what poverty looks like. You will see it in frail figures of the little boys, who faithfully stand by tables come rain come shine. In their eyes, you will see it, as they hungrily eye the interior of your costy ride while absently answering the familiar questions that they have answered a thousand times. You will see it in their tattered clothing that barely cover their limbs, let alone protect them from the harsh winds of the hills.

These precious children seem to find no problem at all in their station. Instead of demanding for comforts from their poor parents, they take it upon themselves to earn few rupees for their families. Instead of studying at home, they are driven to the streets, to master the art of survival.

Be sure to buy something from these little children as you are traveling in the area with Green Holiday Centre. You will find colourful fruits, vegetables and flowers on their small tables. Greet them with a smile when you do too. Because, they just like every single child in the world, deserve your kindness and love.


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