The RE.PUB.LK in Colombo


Nocturnal revelers who are looking for some fun in the city of Colombo should certainly not miss the iconic REPUBLK! It has been entertaining the city’s nightclub and pub enthusiasts for a few years. The service and the ambience of the place have always been exceptional. So it has had no trouble attracting the crowds. You will be able to enjoy a truly sensational experience with your friends when you visit the REPUBLK.

The REPUBLK in Colombo

The food that is served here is quite good as are the drinks, obviously. You will be able to discover the tantalizing taste of a number of different cocktails here. The food and beverages are priced quite reasonably here too which is yet another plus.

The REPUBLK in Colombo

Enjoy a Night in REPUBLK

The ambience can be electrifying at REPUBLK on certain nights when the area is converted to a dance floor. You can sway to the rhythms of your favorite songs and enjoy a truly unforgettable time. REPUBLK has become quite popular among the youth of Colombo as of late.

The REPUBLK in Colombo

Located in Hospital Street, REPUBLK can be quite easily reached from many parts of Colombo. The place is open until 11:30 p.m. so you can start off a night of entertainment here and move on to explore the other famous nightclubs in the area once the place closes for the night.

The lighting is dimmed at night and a perfectly cozy atmosphere is created so you can truly unwind and relax. REPUBLK gets rather crowded at night so be prepared. It may not be the perfect place for you if you are looking for a more relaxed place to have a quiet chat over a beer with your friends.

If you need to obtain more information about REPUBLK you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. There are many incredible places that you can visit to indulge in a truly sensational night in the dazzling city of Colombo!


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