The paradise island of Sri Lanka boasts of many incredible sites and attractions. A tour in this charming little country will help you to create truly unforgettable memories for sure! Old castles and temples that stand tall and proud testify to the talent of the ancient Sri Lankan architects. While majestic statues and monuments speak volumes about the glories of the past era.

Geoffrey Bawa and His Masterpieces in Sri Lanka

Those who interest in the beautiful architecture of the island of Sri Lanka surely enthralled by the more contemporary masterpieces that were created by the veteran Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Dispersed across the island are some of his incredible creations, effortlessly enthralling all.

Geoffrey Bawa and His Masterpieces in Sri Lanka

Bawa’s Lunuganga Estate

The Lunuganga Estate, which was the country home of the iconic architect, is truly a masterpiece of the highest order. This magnificent estate received the architect’s constant love and care. It consistently seen, admired and improved through the keen eyes of the architect so it can truly be stated that the estate is one of Bawa’s most notable creations.

The Lunuganga Estate

The beautiful Lunuganga Estate is located in the small coastal town of Bentota in the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. You can easily reach it while traveling in the region.

The Lunuganga Estate

The Lunuganga Estate is believed to have been used as a cinnamon estate and a rubber plantation back in the colonial era. The estate is a luxurious one sprawl over 6.1 hectares along the banks of Dedduwa Lake. The glistening waters of the lake surely enhance the appeal and charm of this magical haven!

The Lunuganga Estate & The Country House

You will find incredible works of art in the house and the gardens also. Artists like Donald Friend and Laki Senanayake did those incredible works.

The veteran architect spent quite a lot of his time improving the property. It said that he worked on this estate since his demise in the year 2003.

You will be able to visit this incredible site with great ease as you are traveling in the island with Green Holiday Centre. Get in touch with us if you want to have tours arranged to some of the most prominent attractions in Sri Lanka.


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