Standing tall amidst bustling city streets of Pettah is the famous Colombo Fort Clock Tower; faithfully keeping time as the world around it steadily evolves. It is one of the most prominent attractions in the city. The tall structure is indeed quite hard to miss as you drive around the busy streets of Pettah in spite of the tall buildings, the noisy markets and the incessant rush of the commercial capital.

Colombo Fort Clock Tower


The Colombo Fort Clock Tower was built back in the year 1857. It was designed by Emily Elizabeth Ward, the wife of Governor Sir Henry George Ward. With a height of 29 metres, the clock tower was indeed the tallest structure in the city of Colombo back then! The modern city has grown all around it, with tall buildings ruthlessly taking over the cityscape. But the strong old clock tower proudly stands its ground, enchanting all who take time to pause and catch a glimpse of its enduring beauty.

The Colombo Fort Clock Tower used to have a lighthouse as well. In fact, the structure was called Old Colombo Lighthouse back in the day too. But the lighthouse was deactivated as the tall buildings of the city started obscuring its brilliant beacons.

The clock mechanism in the tower was developed by Dent, the renowned English clockmakers who manufactured the Big Ben at Westminster Palace in 1852. This old clock was replaced in the year 1914 with the current clock which has a six foot dial glazed opal glass.

Colombo Fort Clock Tower

When you are travelling in the city of Colombo with Green Holiday Centre, do take a trip to see this beautiful colonial structure. This old clock tower will effortlessly transport you back in time to an era when the world and everything in it was a little more enchanting!


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