The Grand Twin Towers in Colombo- World Trade Centre

World Trade Centre Colombo

World Trade Centre, which is popularly known as WTC, or WTCC is an iconic construction that dominates the skyline of the city. Located in the heart of the bustling city, the World Trade Centre has become a centre for commercial activity in Colombo.

World Trade Centre Colombo

Many leading companies in Colombo have offices in the World Trade Centre. To cater to the needs of the elite groups that arrive on a day to basis, several impressive dining and convenience shopping stores have opened up on site. The state-of-the art facilities of the World Trade Centre have made it one of the most coveted business addresses in Sri Lanka.

The building has a height of 152 metres and well as 39 storeys. It stands upon a 4 storey retail podium. It is indeed one of the tallest buildings in Sri Lanka at the moment. The establishment is operated by Overseas Reality Ceylon PLC.

World Trade Centre Colombo

The World Trade Centre was opened back in the year 1997 by Chandrika Kumaratunga, who was the President of Sri Lanka back then. The building effortlessly garnered the attention of the public with its sheer beauty and height.

When the brutal civil war was raging in the island, the World Trade Centre was the target of several deadly attacks. The LTTE attacked the building twice, but the proud structure refused to fall as Cellate high strength precast panels were used in the construction of the building. A truck bomb that went off on site unfortunately killed 15 people.

World Trade Centre Colombo

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