The majestic Galle Clock Tower is an attraction that well deserves a visit when traveling in the charming southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is one of the few monuments that portray the grandiosity and wonder of the colonial past of the island. You will be able to have tours to the Galle Clock Tower arranged with ease as you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre.

The Galle Clock Tower

Galle Clock Tower stands within the Galle Dutch Fort, on the site of the previous guard room. The tall tower overlooks one of the three bastions of the fort. It is quite easy to locate in the city. Indeed the tower can be seen from great distances too!

The Galle Clock Tower

The clock tower was built with the noble intention of immortalizing the services rendered by the veteran Colonial Surgeon Dr. Antonisz. This key figure used to serve as a representative of the Legislative Council as well. The construction work was funded through public subscription. But the beautiful clock that adorns the tower was donated by Mudaliyar Samson de Abrew Rajapakse. He was indebted to the faithful doctor for the medical services received.


The Galle Clock Tower

A plaque in the tower reads:

“This tower erected by public subscription to the perpetual memory of Peter Daniel Anthonisz (born in Galle) in testimony of his skill and benevolence in relieving human suffering. MDCCCLXXXIII”.


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