Beautiful Galle Face Green, which is located on the border of the bustling city of Colombo, is one of the most delightful places that you can visit in the city. Although it is located adjacent to the chaotic city streets and glistening sky scrapers, it can effortlessly breathe tranquillity and peace to a visitor’s heart. It is a site that you really shouldn’t miss when traveling in Colombo.

The Enchanting Galle Face Green

What to do in Galle Face Green

Every evening countless numbers of locals and tourists gather within the territories of Galle Face Green to enjoy good company and fresh ocean breeze. There are plenty of things to do here for sure! You can mingle with the locals and get to know interesting details about their ways of life. Or you can take out your camera and start capturing the exotic loveliness of the sunset. You can even try your hand at flying a kite! The strong winds of the seas will carry your kite high into the sky and you will surely be enthralled!The Enchanting Galle Face Green

The Enchanting Galle Face Green

The little children who visit Galle Face find endless joy as there are many vendors selling a variety of toys and games. These items are sold at very low prices too, so you can let your little ones indulge to their heart’s content! Be sure to relish the exquisite taste of local street food like isso wade and saravita when visiting this beautiful attraction. And you will not regret it! If you start yearning for a refined dining experience, you can simply visit the iconic Galle Face Hotel which is located right next to Galle Face Green.

The Enchanting Galle Face Green

You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to arrange a visit to Galle Face during your tour in the city. Since it is located strategically you will be able to explore the many interesting attractions, shopping malls and dining spots in the city with great ease after your visit.

The Enchanting Galle Face Green The Enchanting Galle Face Green


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