Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a majestic castle, which is believed to have been built in 480 AD by King Kasyapa. It stands tall and proud in the Cultural Triangle, attracting multitudes of visitors every year. Greeting the admirers of the modern day with coy smiles and graceful gestures are sensuous celestial nymphs of timeless beauty and grace. They have enamoured and enchanted visitors since time immemorial with their unfading exquisiteness.

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History of the Alluring Damsels of Sigiriya Rock Fortress

For over 1,600 years they have adorned the walls of Sigiriya, but to this day, no one knows for certain who they really are or what they represent. Sure, there are many speculations and suggestions, but their true identities have been swept away in the winds of time. They are today, simply the astounding Sigiriya damsels, the alluring ladies that many come from far and wide to admire. The ample bosoms, lithe figures and ornate accessories of the Sigiriya damsels make them look truly regal. It is quite easy to assume that the artist would have been inspired by the exotic beauty of the ladies in Kasyapa’s harem while painting them. They look like supernatural damsels too, showering the mortals below with flowers and blessings.

The Alluring Damsels of Sigiriya

As the frescoes were painted quickly on wet plaster, the artist had no chance to correct errors that were made. So upon close inspection you will be able to notice minor mistakes, which in a way enhance appeal of these ladies. Without a doubt, they are perfect in their imperfections and charming with their flaws!

The Alluring Damsels of Sigiriya

Frescoes of Sigiriya

It’s believed that at past time frescoes of Sigiriya would have covered a large portion of western face of rock. The graffiti on the Mirror Wall also refers to 500 frescoes.  Some say that King Kasyapa created Sigiriya to resemble the Alakamanda– the city of the gods. The rock is believed to have been painted in white to look like a cloud and the frescoes would have been painted across a wide band in the western portion of the rock. Indeed these breathtaking ladies would have at one point in time been a part of the biggest painting in world!

Sigiriya rock fortress

As you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre, be sure to visit the majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress. You will be enthralled by sheer majesty of this iconic attraction, which is often called Eighth Wonder of the World.

The Alluring Damsels of Sigiriya


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