Tea Factory Tours in Sri Lanka


Tea that is grown in Sri Lanka, which is popularly known as Ceylon Tea is a beverage that is incredibly popular all over the world. This aromatic brew’s remarkable taste has made it a preferred beverage in many households. When you are travelling in the island with Green Holiday Centre, you will be able to visit some of the leading tea factories in Hill Country and learn more about the flourishing tea industry in Sri Lanka.

Tea Factory Sri Lanka


James Taylor, who was a British citizen, introduced tea plantation to the island back in the year 1867. He planted the first tea seedlings in Loolecondera Estate in Kandy. The area that was used for the very first tea plantation is known as the No. 7 field of Loolecondera Estate. James Taylor worked with Thomas Lipton, a Scottish immigrant to enhance the standards of the tea industry in the island.Tea Factory

Today Sri Lanka is the fourth largest producer of tea in the world. As you travel around in the Hill Country, you will see large tea estates, covering mountain slopes in a rich, emerald sheen. There are plenty of tea factories in the area that you will be able to visit.

Tea Factory

In order to manufacture tea, the leaves must first be plucked from the plants. Estate workers work tirelessly, quite often in very harsh conditions to pluck the tea which is then brought to the factory. The tea leaves are withered, rolled, oxidized and dried using heavy machinery at the factory before being packaged. Many of the tea factories offer free tours so you will be able to enjoy this experience even if you are travelling on a tight budget. Tea tasting sessions are also generally included in the tea factory tours. Many of the tea factories have tea boutiques too, which sell a variety of different types of packaged teas.


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