26th of December 2004, is an unforgettable day for Sri Lankans. On this day, the brutal waves of the oceans furiously rushed inland and destroyed the lives of more than 40,000 people. The tsunami of 2004 was a terrible event and the memories of it will never cease to haunt Sri Lankans all over the world.

T-sunami Hoganji Viharaya

Peraliya was an area in down south that was severely affected by the tsunami. The rail disaster that took place here is known to be the largest single rail disaster in the world. A crowded passenger train was mangled by the powerful rush of water, creating a horrific scene of death and tragedy. So more than 1,700 people died that day on that train. In this count, little children are also included.

Why the Tsunami Honganji Viharaya was built ???

The Tsunami Honganji Viharaya was built on the 26th of December 2006. It was built to commemorate the lives of the locals that were lost that day. The temple was built with the assistance that was given by Japan’s Hoganji Temple in Kyoto.

T-sunami Hoganji Viharaya

The large statue of Buddha which is found at the temple is its central feature. The statue is an exact replica of the 5th century Barmiyan Buddha Statue of Afghanistan. It was destroyed by Muslim fundamentalists. The statue in Sri Lanka, which has a height of 175 feet, was created using earliest sketches of the statue. The remarkable colour of the figure is a result of unique pulp like material that was applied on the cement structure. The statue depicts Buddha in abhaya mudra, which portrays fearlessness and protection. It stands on a platform surrounded by a pond and guarded by statues of four lions.

T-sunami Hoganji Viharaya

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