Stilt Fishing in Sri Lanka!


As you travel along the southern and western coasts of Sri Lanka, you will come across the remarkable sight of fishermen perched upon stilts. They create a stunning sight to behold as they rise above the rolling and crashing waves of the sea, silhouetted against the deep blue skies. You definitely have to keep you camera ready when you are travelling in this mesmerizing region. Because the sight of stilt fishermen is one that in incredibly unique indeed!

Stilt fishing in sri lanka

Stilt fishing areas

Stilt fishing is a tradition followed by many local fishermen in areas like Ahangama, Kaththaluwa and Koggala. While we assume that these fishermen have the time of their lives as they seat themselves precariously upon their stilts and fish for hours, the experience can indeed be rather tiresome. The brutal sun can beat down mercilessly and muscles can go sore after hours of staying still. But the hardworking fishermen use this method anyway, because it helps them to catch quite a lot of small fish within a few hours.

Stilt fishing in sri lanka

It is believed that stilt fishing was first practised in the island after the World War II. In this method of fishing, a stilt with a crossbar is embedded to the shallow depths of the sea. The fishermen sit on the crossbar and use their rods to catch smaller fish that gather in the shallow water. They collect the fish in baskets or pouches they carry around their waists.

Stilt fishing in sri lanka

If you are interested in enjoying a stilt fishing experience, you will be able to do so as you travel in the island with Green Holiday Centre. The friendly fishermen will be happy to show you the methods that they use. You will be able to talk to them, take a photo and learn more about pleasures and pains of their simple lives too. It will indeed be a remarkable experience that you will not forget! It’s one of Sri Lanka’s Fishing Cultures.


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