The stunning island of Sri Lanka truly boasts of a myriad of gorgeous attractions and appeals. A tour in this stunning destination will truly be unforgettable!

Spectacular Mountains in Sri Lanka

The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is one of the most popular holiday destinations among both tourists as well as locals. This region offers an assortment of incredible sites that will fill your heart with wonder! Among the top attractions here in the Hill Country, the Sri Pada Mountain is indeed quite prominent.

Sri Pada Mountain

Stories about Sri Pada Mountain

Sri Pada Mountain, which is also known as Adam’s Peak, is one of the most popular sites of worship in the country. Every year, Buddhist devotees as well as tourists climb up this mountain in the cold and dreary weather. All of them are rewarded with an incredible adventure for sure!

Sri Pada Mountain

There is a rock formation at the summit of the mountain which resembles a footprint. This ‘footprint’, which has a length of 1.8 meters, is believed to be of Lord Buddha’s. So devotees consider this a sacred site. In fact, Sri Pada, a name that the mountain is commonly known by in the country, means ‘sacred footprint’.

The Hindu’s believe that the footprint belongs to Hanuman or Shiva, while some Muslims and Christians believe that the footprint belongs to Adam, or St. Thomas. Needless to say, the site is quite a popular one, among people of all races, religions and cultures.

Sri Pada Mountain is found about 40km northeast of famous city Ratnapura and 32km southwest of misty city of Hatton. On clear days, the beautiful silhouette of the mountain can be seen against the pastel hued morning sky, even from high vantage points in the city of Colombo.

You will be able to visit this site with ease during your tour in the island with Green Holiday Centre. There are plenty of incredible places of interest that you can visit, to learn more about the culture and traditions of the land.

Sri Pada Mountain


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