The enchanting island of Sri Lanka is one that is blessed with flourishing wildlife. In spite of the island’s size, it boasts of a large number of endemic species of flora and fauna, making its veritable paradise for nature lovers.

Among the many endemic species of animals in Sri Lanka, the beautiful Sri Lankan sloth bear is indeed quite special. It is quite often found in the lowland dry forests in the country. The Sri Lankan sloth bear is an omnivorous creature, feeding mostly on nuts, roots as well as meat. It loves to feed on insects too. This charming creature seldom kills animals.

Sri Lankan Sloth Bear

The Sri Lankan sloth bear is highly threatened, with a population less than 1000 (the wild population may be as few as 500) in many isolated populations with population decrease. Destruction of dry-zone natural forest is its main threat, because unlike other large Sri Lankan animals, the Sri Lankan sloth bear is highly dependent on natural forests for its food source.

Sri Lankan Sloth Bear

The Sri Lankan sloth bear spots a beautiful black shaggy coat. It is not very easy to spot these beings as they are quite elusive and tend to shy away from humans. But if you visit the national parks at the right time, you will most likely get the chance to spot them as they roam in the forests.

You will be able to witness the endearing appeal of the Sri Lankan sloth bear when you visit Yala National Park in Sri Lanka. Do try to schedule the visit in the dry season which lasts between the months of February and June. Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to have delightful safari tours arranged in this enchanting national park.


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