Sri Lankan Kiri Bath

Sri Lankan Kiri Bath

Kiri bath or Milk Rice in Sri Lanka is a breakfast favorite. This incredibly creamy and aromatic rice dish is a delicacy that is quite often relished during special occasions and celebrations. Indeed, not many traditional celebrations and events in Sri Lanka will truly be complete without a plate of creamy white kiri bath!

Sri Lankan Kiri Bath

During Sinhala and Tamil New Year, on the very first day of the year, on birthdays and special celebrations, almost every single household in the country prepares kiri bath. White rice is generally used to make this dish. The method of preparation is fairly simple too. You first wash and cook the rice like you usually do with water. When it is almost done, you add thick coconut milk with salt to taste. After it is done, you heap the rice on to a place and cut it into diagonal shapes. It is served with lunu miris, which is a delectable concoction made using onion and chilli. Some prefer to have it with jaggery and fish curry as well. Little ones would love to relish their milky white rice with sprinkles of sugar!

You will be able to enjoy kiri bath at the many traditional restaurants across the island during breakfast hours. Be sure to have a cup of tea to go along with your kiri bath. You will know how great a traditional breakfast in Sri Lanka tastes! Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre for more information and tips about culinary experiences that the paradise island of Sri Lanka offers.

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