Sri Lankan Foods

Sri Lankan Foods

When you are traveling in the magnificent island of Sri Lanka be sure to relish the exquisite tastes of the land and enjoy a sensational culinary adventure. The food scene in the country is quite vibrant indeed. The cheap street eats as well as the lavish delicacies of the fine dining restaurants will delight you equally when you explore the flavours of the Spice Island.

Kottu Roti Sri Lanka

Different Flavours of Food

Kottu roti is, without a doubt the most popular street food in Sri Lanka! You will find restaurants selling this tantalizing dish all over the country. Shredded godhamba roti is combined with eggs, meat and vegetables in this divinely delicious dish. And also it is often served with spicy gravy. The famous isso wadey (prawn cakes) sold at Galle Face Green should also be tried out if you are willing to try out the local street food.

Sri Lankan Foods flavours

A vast majority of Sri Lankans prefer to have rice for lunch. Rice is often served with a variety of delicious curries. Do try out seafood curries when you are traveling in coastal regions of country and you will not regret it! Dhal curry is a popular accompaniment to rice as well as devilled potatoes. Papadam is yet another crispy favourite among the locals!

Sri Lankan Foods Sri Lankan Foods

Sri Lankan hoppers should also not be missed when traveling in the country. You will find a variety of hoppers like plain hoppers, egg hoppers and treacle hoppers sold at many restaurants across the country. Lunu miris (crushed chilli and onion) is the most commonly served accompaniment to hoppers. Even string hoppers are quite popular in Sri Lanka and many prefer to have it for breakfast or dinner.  Traditional local curries like fish curries, dhal curries and seeni sambol are served with Sri Lankan string hoppers. Mix it all together and you get a heavenly concoction with unbeatable taste!

Sri Lankan Foods Sri Lankan Foods

When you are traveling in the country with Green Holiday Centre, be sure to treat your taste buds to the finest flavours of local food. The colourful experience will indeed enthral you!



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