Sita Tear Pond in Ramboda


Sita was the consort of Lord Rama of India. She was a beautiful, virtuous princess who had a heart of gold. She was so in love with Lord Rama and they both lived an incredibly happy life. But one day tragedy struck. Sita was abducted by King Ravana of Sri Lanka. She was brought to the island and was kept imprisoned in several spots in the country. The reason for this abduction is unclear. Some say King Ravana was in love with Sita. Others say he was seeking revenge against the brothers Rama and Lakshmana. Because they sliced off the nose of his sister Suparnika.

Sita Tear Pond

Location of the Sita Tear Pond.

The beautiful princess Sita was heartbroken when she was brought to Sri Lanka. Although King Ravana did no harm to Sita, she still yearned desperately to be reunited with Lord Rama. She was taken to a place called Ashoka Vatika which is believed to have been incredibly beautiful. She was taken to this spot via a chariot path. There is a pond located by the chariot path named Sita Tear Pond. As the name suggests, devotees believe that the pond is made up of the tears that Sita shed. It’s quite intriguing to note that this pond never dries up. Even when the waterways of the region dry up when the rains cease to fall, the blue waters of the Sita Tear Pond continue to glisten and sparkle.

The area also has many large trees which bear brilliant red blooms. These flowers are called Sita flowers. The flower resembles a man carrying a bow and it is believed that it represents Lord Rama. These flowers grow only in this part of the country.

Sita Tear Pond

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