Silver Tips Tea in Sri Lanka

Silver Tips Tea in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the fourth largest producer of tea in the world. Indeed, Ceylon tea is a greatly desired beverage all across the globe. The distinctive aroma and the rich taste of Ceylon Tea make it quite popular among tea lovers.

Labookellie Tea Estate in Ramboda

Ceylon Tea can be broadly classified into three sections: Ceylon Black Tea, Ceylon Green Tea and Ceylon White Tea. The exquisite Ceylon White Tea, which is also known as Silver Tips, is one of the most expensive brands of tea in the world.

Ceylon White Tea is processed from the freshly sprouted leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, or the tea plant. The buds that are picked for white tea should be covered with dense, silvery hair. It is quite important to pick very young leaves that are just budding.

Silver Tips Tea in Sri Lanka

The leaves are very lightly processed when producing Silver Tips Tea. In fact, the leaves are only dried and not processed further.

Silver Tips Tea or Ceylon White Tea is very rich in polyphenols, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. The tea contains antimicrobial properties as well which ward off a number of diseases. Ceylon White Tea is especially popular among those who are looking for a product that has anti-aging substances. As the tea is very lightly processed, it can help with fat burning as well. The antiseptic properties of white tea can help keep acne off your face too. A number of people across the world have started becoming more and more interested in white tea as its cancer fighting properties have become widely acknowledged.

Silver Tips Tea in Sri Lanka

You will be able to buy yourself a few packs of Ceylon White Tea or Silver Tips as you are traveling in the island with Green Holiday Centre. The exquisite taste of a cup of white tea will leave you refreshed for sure!


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