The enchanting city of Negombo offers not just sensational beach experiences. The city which boasts of a vibrant personality offers shopaholics who visit it, supremely satisfying shopping thrills too! The article below provides some tips that will be of use to you when you are planning on enjoying a shopping tour in the city.

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How to travel

Traveling in Negombo is easy and fun. If you are planning to cover a short distance, you can easily walk in the city. It is not uncommon to see groups of tourists walking around in the streets of Negombo, hunting for exclusive wares.

Shopping Tour in Negombo: A Simple Guide for Shopaholics

You can get taxis arranged from the hotel that you are staying at if you are planning to explore the region more extensively. PickMe and Uber apps that can be easily downloaded to your mobile will also help you to book vehicles to travel in the city.

Shopping Tour in Negombo: A Simple Guide for Shopaholics

Tuk Tuks are incredibly popular modes of transport in Sri Lanka. Do enjoy a ride on one of these crude and colorful vehicles! Be warned though, there are no seat belts in tuk tuks and these little vehicles can reach impressive speeds! If you want more information about transport services in the city, you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre.

What to buy

There are lots of interesting things to buy in Negombo. So your shopping tour will certainly be rather exciting! Colorful garments that are quite touristy are sold at attractive prices in the many quaint shops that are located along the streets of Negombo. You will find beautiful swimsuits, home ware, accessories, bags, traditional local masks and even jewellery in these charming shops. Most of the items are sold at really great prices too.

Shopping Tour in Negombo: A Simple Guide for Shopaholics

Where to go

There are many interesting shops that you can consider visiting when traveling in Negombo. The LUV SL is a great place to visit if you are looking for brilliant hued, high quality clothes and accessories. Diana Souvenirs is also a delightful shop that sells gorgeous paintings. Kalpana Batik & Souvenirs and 4 Seasons are also great places to visit if you are looking for unique souvenirs. ASDA Gem & Jewellery, Careems Jewellers and Blue Moon Jewellers are the places you should visit if precious stones and jewellery please your fancy.

Shopping Tour in Negombo: A Simple Guide for Shopaholics

So go ahead and enjoy a sensational shopping tour in the sun-kissed city of Negombo!


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