Lovers of South Indian dishes will be delighted with a visit to the iconic Shanmugas. It has been serving up the tastes of our beautiful neighboring land for many long years. The fact that it can still attract large crowds, despite the newer and glitzier eateries which have opened up in the vicinity, attests to the standards that they have been able to maintain on a consistent level. Shanmugas is not a place to go if you are looking for a cheap meal. But it is not overly pricey too. The prices are quite average at Shanmugas, but the dining experience that is offered here is truly top notch.

Shanmugas South Indian Restaurant

Shanmugas South Indian Restaurant

The standard menu items which you find in many South Indian restaurants are included in Shanmugas too. Paneer tikka masala, vadai as well parotas are served here. The exquisite flavours which shine through brilliantly will make your taste buds sing! There portions are quite generous too, so you will be able to easily share your meals. This of course, depends largely on how hungry you are when you visit the restaurant!

Shanmugas South Indian Restaurant

Reasons to Choose Shanmugas

The service offered at Shanmugas is commendable too. The staff is well trained and highly professional. They will be at your service promptly and courteously. The ambience is quite charming too. It is void of the glitz and glamour of the polished restaurants of the city. The building was formerly used as a house. So it has a charming ambience that will please you well. There is nothing pretentious about the place. It is a beautifully simple restaurant which serves the complex tastes of South Indian cuisine with an excellence that amazes all.

Keep in mind that the restaurant gets rather busy at night so you will have to make a reservation before you go. You can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to make a reservation at Shanmugas.


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