There are plenty of great restaurants in the city of Colombo which tantalize the taste buds of seafood lovers. Some of these restaurants can be rather expensive, while some others serve food and service of questionable quality. It is indeed quite hard to find seafood restaurants in Colombo which serve good quality food at a decent price. Sea Fish Restaurant stepped in to fill this void back in the 70’s and it has been around since then, satisfying the large numbers of customers that it effortlessly attracts.

Sea Fish Restaurant

About Sea Fish Restaurant

The concept of Sea Fish is quite simple but brilliant. It mainly serves an array of seafood dishes at a reasonable price in a neighbourhood which seriously lacks great restaurants. The menu here is quite extensive too. Of course, it features a number of seafood dishes as one can expect by the name of the restaurant. But it also includes chicken dishes to appease the cravings of meat lovers. Some of the oyster and mussel dishes are dependent on the season so keep that in mind.

Sea Fish Restaurant

The place is great for those who are craving for traditional curries of Sri Lanka! These incredible dishes include succulent bites of seafood, swimming in rich gravies. The dishes can be enjoyed with simple oven baked bread: an essential Sri Lankan dining experience!

Sea Fish Restaurant

The ambience here is rather nice. The road that leads to the restaurant doesn’t look too promising, but once you do enter its cooling embrace, you will begin to relax quickly. The dim lights enhance the charming vibe of the place very well. There is an outdoor area where BBQs happen too!

The service that you can expect at Sea Fish is quite good. The waiters are friendly and attentive and you will get your food delivered to the table fairly quickly on not-so-busy-hours.

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