Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya is one of the most beautiful temples in the coastal strip of Sri Lanka. The temple was built during the Kandyan era, in the year 1750. It has some incredible paintings and statues which make the temple quite a charming attraction. It has three large statues of Buddha in three different poses. The walls of the main shrine are gorgeously adorned in Kandyan Era paintings.

Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya

About Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya

The temple was built with the guidance of Venerable Monk Sapugoda Ananda (1750-1775). The name Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya has been given to the temple in honour of this monk. It is said that the temple was built during challenging times that the Buddhists were undergoing in the colonial era. Not many temples were located in the region during that period. So, Buddhists had to face lots of challenges in order to get to a place of worship to observe religious rites and rituals. When their concerns and requests fell upon the ears of Venerable Monk Sapugoda Ananda, he decided to build this temple. It therefore stands as a true testament to the legendary monk’s commitment to his people.

Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya

After the esteemed monk passed away, the temple was renovated by the locals in the area. But very soon the temple was abandoned and the beautiful building started crumbling, slowly giving way to the effects of the passage of time. But its former glory was restored in the late 1900s. And the temple started attracting large numbers of devotees once again.

Sapugoda Sri Maha Viharaya

You will be able to visit this temple with great ease as you are traveling in Beruwala with Green Holiday Centre. The beautiful statues as well as the paintings which you will find here will surely take your very breath away. Be sure to wear decent clothes when visiting this temple as it is a venerated site of worship in the country.


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