Samadhi Buddha Statue in the Mahamevnawa Park

Samadhi Buddha Statue

The charming island of Sri Lanka is known to be one of the best travel destinations in the world. The little island is replete with gorgeous beaches, rolling hills, incredible cultural attractions, magnificent shopping sites as well as a remarkable food scene! Needless to say, memories of your holiday here will remain etched in your memory for many long years.

Samadhi Buddha Statue

The beautiful Samadhi Buddha Statue

When you travel in Sri Lanka, be sure to visit iconic Cultural Triangle, which has a number of incredible attractions. The beautiful Samadhi Buddha Statue is one of the most beautiful attractions that you will be able to visit while traveling in the region. It is located in the Mahamevnawa Park in Anuradhapura. Buddha is depicted in the Dhyana Mudra in this statue. Dhyana Mudra is the posture of meditation which associated with Lord Buddha’s first Enlightenment. Samadhi Statue has a height of 7 feet and 3 inches. It has carved from dolomite.

It is believed that the Samadhi Buddha Statue dates back from the 4th-6th century. Some believe that the statue would have had inlaid eyes made from precious gems back in the day. It is also said that statue would have been one of four statues located around a sacred Bodhi tree shrine.  The statue discovered back in 1886 in the Mahamevnawa Park. Samadi Buddha Statue is one of best preserve and most beautiful Buddha statues that you will find in Sri Lanka.

Samadhi Buddha Statue

Get in touch with Green Holiday Centre if you want to learn more about this incredible statue. It is best to learn as much as you can about the sites that you are planning to visit in Sri Lanka. So you will be able to make your tour a lot more insightful and meaningful. There are plenty of cultural and religious attractions that you can visit to learn more about the beautiful heritage of this country.


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