Ravana Ella

Ravana Ella in Sri Lanka

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the picturesque town of Ella is the majestic Ravana Falls, which the locals call Ravana Ella. The incredible beauty of this waterfall can indeed take your very breath away! It is one of the widest waterfalls in the country and it also boasts of a height of 25 metres. You will be able to see this magnificent waterfall in its full glory when you visit it in the wet season. The waters of the falls resemble a blooming areca flower during this period, captivating all who lay eyes on it.

Ravana Ella in Sri Lanka

The legendary waterfall has a very interested story weaved about it too. As you would have probably guessed, the place is connected to the Hindu epic Ramayanaya. Long long ago Ravana, the powerful king of Sri Lanka, abducted Sita, the consort of Lord Rama of India. Some say he abducted Sita as an act of revenge as Rama and Laxmana cut off nose of his sister. Others say he was smitten by Sita’s beauty.

After bringing her to the island, Ravana kept her well hidden in the island. The majestic Ravana Falls was one of these chosen hiding places. Sita is believed to have been kept in the Ravana Cave which is found behind the waterfall. She would have bathed in the pool that was naturally created at the base of the waterfall too. Needless to say, the area was well covered with flourishing foliage back then so it served as a perfect hiding place.

Ravana Ella in Sri Lanka

When you are traveling in paradise island of Sri Lanka with Green Holiday Centre, be sure to visit the majestic Ravana Ella. You will be mesmerized by its surpassing beauty and charm. Don’t forget to carry your camera with you as the waterfall is truly quite incredible.



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