Ravana Cave and Tunnel Network

Ravana Cave and Tunnel Network

According to the Hindu epic Ramayanaya, King Ravana of Sri Lanka was a brutal, demon king, who abducted Sita, the consort of Lord Rama of India. Some say he was smitten by Sita’s beauty. While the others say he sought revenge against Rama and Lakshmana. The two brothers who sliced off the nose of his sister, Suparnika. The armies of Lord Rama, which led by the monkey god Hanuman eventually found Sita and killed Ravana.

The Famous Ravana Cave

While this legend paints a brutal picture of King Ravana, for many Sri Lankans he is still a hero. In Bisrakh, the birthplace of Ravana, he revered as a hero too. Many say that he had 10 heads. Of course, these ‘heads’ would have been references to the 10 areas in which he specialized. These 10 areas are Language and Mathematics, Law and Politics, Architecture and City Planning, Philosophy and Knowledge of Soul. Also Technical Knowledge of Physics, Esotericism and Juggling Knowledge, Arts, Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine, Astrology as well as Fighting Skills and Battle Techniques.

Ravana Cave and Tunnel Network

There are many great sites locat in the country. Which are believed to have been creations of King Ravana. Some even say that the Sigiriya Rock Fortress was a castle that once belonged to the famous king.

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The amazing Ravana Cave and Tunnel Network

The amazing Ravana Cave and Tunnel Network also attests to the incredible wisdom and creativity of the king. It is believed that the location of the present day Kalutara Buddhist Temple is where the palace of King Ravana existed back in the day. Tunnel mouths of the Ravana tunnel network can be seen in places like Isthripur at Welimada, Ravana cave at Bandarawela, Senapitiya at Halagala, Ramboda, Labookelle, Wariyapola/Matale, and Sitakotuwa/Hasalaka.

The Famous Ravana Cave

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