As you are travelling in the A5 highway and near the famous Ramboda Falls, you will reach one of the most popular landmarks in the region. The iconic Ramboda Tunnel is indeed a place that fascinates and enthrals especially the large numbers of travelling locals. As there aren’t many tunnels in the country, the experience of travelling through this incredible tunnel is a remarkable one for sure. As you are exploring the area with Green Holiday Centre, you will also get the chance to travel through this famous tunnel.

Ramboda Road Tunnel

The Ramboda Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the island of Sri Lanka. It has a length of 225 metres, a width of 7 metres and a height of 5.6 metres. Driving through the eerie tunnel gives one a thrilling sensation indeed. Those who have claustrophobia may even find themselves holding their breath until the faint light of the exit starts to shine!  Keep in mind that, it is prohibited to walk inside the tunnel. Because vehicles travel at incredible speed inside the tunnel. So it will be quite dangerous to walk within its dark spaces that are only faintly lit.

Ramboda Road Tunnel

The construction work of the tunnel began back in the year 2006. The project was completed in 2008 and was opened to the public. Japanese government substantially funded the project which cost Rs. 2,000 million.

The Rs. 1,000 banknote which was issued back in February 2011 includes a charming impression of Ramboda Tunnel, done by an artist. It is a well loved attraction in the area that will make your journey in the Hill Country a little more enchanting!


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