According to the Hindu epic Ramayanaya, the brave King Ravana of Sri Lanka abducted Sita, the consort of Lord Rama of India. The reason for this abduction is disputed. Some say the king was smitten by Sita’s beauty while many say he sought revenge against the Rama and Laxmana who sliced off the nose of his sister Suparnika. The beautiful Sita was brought to Sri Lanka and was kept hidden. Lord Rama’s armies were soon scouring the island, desperately looking for the lost princess. The army of Lord Rama was led by the legendary monkey god Hanuman. Eventually Sita was discovered and a battle ensued between Ravana and Rama’s army. The Sri Lankan king died in battle and Sita and Rama were blissfully reunited. But she was asked to undergo ‘Agni Pariksha’ in order to prove her purity.

Ramayanaya Trips in Sri Lanka

Related Places to Ramayanaya

This is a remarkable story that has been retold throughout generations. There are plenty of places in the island that are related to this wonderful legend. Some believe that Sigiriya was also a castle that was used by King Ravana. Ella in the Hill Country also has many sites that are connected to the legend. The famous Ravana Ella is believed to be a place where Sita was kept hidden. You can also visit the beautiful Rumassala in the southern coast of the island. According to the legend, it is a piece of the Himalaya Mountain that fell upon Sri Lanka when Hanuman carried it to the island.

Ramayanaya Trips in Sri Lanka

Even the town of Ramboda is connected to Ramayanaya. It is believed that Lord Rama’s armies gathered in Ramboda when they arrived in the country looking for Sita. The beautiful Hakgala Botanical Garden is also believed to be the place where Sita was imprisoned. Temples like Seetha Amman Temple and Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple are prominent sites of worship that are connected with Ramayanaya.

Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple

You will be able to enjoy a comprehensive Ramayanaya tour in the island when you travel with Green Holiday Centre. These enchanting tours will give you the chance to admire the rich culture and heritage of the county.



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