Rama Setu, which is also called Adam’s Bridge and Rama’s Bridge is a chain of lime stones that connects Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu, India and the Mannar Island in the Northwest coast of Sri Lanka. There are old records indicating that this bridge was used in the ancient times to travel between the two countries. In a temple record it is mentioned that Rama Setu was above sea level until year 1480. It was destroyed by a cyclone back then.

Rama Setu- An Ancient Bridge that Connected Two Countries

According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, the bridge was built by Rama. He wanted to make a way for his armies to reach Sri Lanka. It is to rescue his wife Sita from King Ravana who abducted her. It is said that Rama constructed this bridge with the help of Hanuman and his Vanara army. There are some Islamic sources that state that Adam, first man, fell to Adam’s Peak, and traveled to India via Adam’s Bridge. Many believe that this bridge is a man-made one while a others say that it is a natural bridge. How this famous bridge was actually built remains a mystery.

Rama Setu- An Ancient Bridge that Connected Two Countries

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