Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo


Raja Bojun is a legendary establishment which has been delighting Sri Lankan food lovers for quite some time. The place is synonymous with flavorsome local cuisine. Tourists as well as locals who desire to indulge in the tastes of Sri Lanka should certainly check this place out.

Raja Bojun Restaurant which was located near Galle Face has been shifted to the top floor of the Liberty Arcade, much to the delight of ravenous shoppers of course! The service and standards of the place have remained stable for the most part.

About Raja Bojun

The ambience of Raja Bojun truly sets it apart. There is something incredibly appealing about the manner in which this place is decorated. Minimalism surely doesn’t seem to have been on the minds of the interior designers of this restaurant! But the effect that they have created is truly wonderful and goes very well with the luscious dishes of local cuisine which are served here. There is a large statue of an elephant in a corner as well as a few ornamental trees placed here and there. The large, airy spaces of the restaurant are filled with tables and chairs. The restaurant can easily accommodate large crowds. If you are planning to dine with a big bunch of your friends, you will not be disappointed here as there are tables which can seat around 15.

Kottu Roti Sri Lanka

The local dishes which are served here are bursting with flavor. There are also options like Chinese fried rice for those who want to try out a variety of dishes.

Sri Lankan Foods

Be sure to visit this place and indulge in the delicious local fare while traveling in the city of Colombo. If you need to obtain more information about this restaurant you can get in touch with Green Holiday Centre. It is better to make prior reservations when you are planning to visit leading restaurants in the city of Colombo. This will help you to keep disappointment at bay!


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