The iconic Dambulla city boasts of a world famous tourist attraction which has been enthralling visitors for many long centuries. This majestic attraction which is known as Dambulla Cave Temple and the Golden Temple of Dambulla richly showcases the grandiosity of the ancient past. It is indeed an attraction that must be included in your travel itinerary in Sri Lanka!

Preserved Cave Temple of Dambulla


Located 72 kilometers north of Kandy and 148 kilometers east of Colombo, Dambulla Cave Temple is a prominent attraction in the Cultural Triangle. It is a World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka that has garnered the attention and the admiration of the world.

Preserved Cave Temple of Dambulla

This sensational temple is known to be the best preserved ancient temple complex in the island. Over 80 caves have been recorded in the environs of the main temple. There are spectacular paintings and statues adorning the five main caves of this stunning complex. In total, there are 153 statues of Buddha. And four statues of several other gods and goddesses like Saman and Vishnu as well as three statues of ancient Sri Lankan kings to witness here. Be sure to bring along your camera too as you will be swept away by the immense grandeur of this place. The kaleidoscope of vibrant colors in these beautiful caves will leave you speechless with ardent admiration.

Preserved Cave Temple of Dambulla

Preserved Cave Temple of Dambulla


Historians have traced the origins of the cave temple back to the first century BCE! Some believe that the area would have been populated even before the arrival of Buddhism in the island. You can explore this must visit attraction when you travel in the country with Green Holiday Centre.4 days tours in Sri Lanka

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Once you reach the summit of the temple spectacular vistas of the surrounding region will mesmerize you. Even the regal Sigiriya Rock Fortress will captivate you from the distance, rising above the emerald hued landscape gloriously.


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